Games and Toys

Football is a popular sport with many children following English teams. Homemade balls work just as well as bought ones. They are made from carrier bags or straw wrapped round with string or elastic bands.

Netball is also a popular sport for girls. Girls enjoy playing a ball game where a girl stands at either end and several girls stand in the middle. The ones at the ends throw a ball to each other and at the ones in the middle who have to catch it or avoid having it touching them. If the ball is caught, everyone in the middle has to stand still for a count of 5 and anyone who hasn’t stopped or who moves before 5, is out. Anyone who is touched by the ball and doesn’t catch it, is out.

Sack races take place in schools just like in England.

A young child’s toys may include blocks and small plastic figures.

Board games like draughts/checkers are popular.

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