Homes and Families

A farmer may have a homestead with different buildings for his different wives.

Toilets are usually in a separate building to the house or school. They are often a hole in the floor. Toilets may have a ceramic surround. The toilet is ‘flushed’ by pouring a jug of water down the hole from a large container of water which is kept by the side of the toilet.

Tarani Vicarage has one main room which is for social times such as sitting and eating as well as providing space for hanging washing and keeping a bike. Behind a curtain is a small kitchen area and a sleeping area is behind another curtain.

Building houses: Mud bricks are used for the walls.

4 generations of a village family in Mugumbo. Great Grandma is 80 years old – the usual life expectancy is about 60 years old.

Village families grow crops and vegetables to eat and to sell. Children help to look after the crops and animals.

Goats are kept safe in a pen raised above the ground.

At village houses, clothes are washed outside in bowls and hung on fences, animal pens or trees to dry. Cooking is done outside over a fire. Homes and families videos